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Threat is a retro, arcade style top down shooter. An unforgiving, blood-soaked game where the player takes the role of a futuristic vehicle with a rally type drive feel, minimal traction, big ramming bars and big guns to take down countless cyber zombies.

A relentless alien invasion of cyber zombies has arrived on earth and threatens mankind. You, are our best hope of survival. Defend earth then take your tomb of destruction and set out to eliminate the enemy power source off world, destroying all alien presence on the way. Where the enemy's strength is in numbers, yours is in firepower. Beware the Reaper, the enemy leader knows your coming and will seek to destroy you before you reach the cyber home world, each level is a race against time.

Key Features

  • Free
  • Mass. Body. Count.
  • Big guns
  • Temporary upgrades rewarded for killstreaks
  • Coliseum style maps for enclosed up-close warfare
  • Special weapons to exploit enemy weaknesses
  • 15 levels that will take you from mars to the enemy home world


  • Produced by Jason Harris
  • Made on Game maker 8.1
  • Release on 17/11/2016
  • Price: feedback


Threat_GM8.1 23 MB


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So much gore xD!

I had fun while playing it^^ There are SO many enemies, and SO much blood haha. How you did the car itself is cool as well. Sometimes I didn't allways know where to go, but I realized it quickly. Good game, man :D

thank you for playing and thanks for the feed back!

You definitely delivered on mass carnage ^_^

Well done on your first game bro

cheers mate!